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Franchise selection seems easy but can be very complex process. Franchise Consultant can play a critical role for your one of the largest investment and hence you want to ensure you are working with a Honest, Passionate and un-biased consultant looking after your interests at ideally at no-cost to you 


It is our mission to provide services laced with honesty and integrity while at the same time upholding optimum customer satisfaction and meet their needs


To become an innovative player in the highly complicated franchise Industry by the virtue comprehensive and top-class services to both franchisors and prospective franchisees..


Our Core Values serve as the governing foundation of our organization.
Commitment, Accountability
Excellence in All We Do,
Mutually-Beneficial Relationships are some of our core values

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Rajiv Shah

Founder and Franchise Consultant

Rajiv Shah - Franchise Consultant

Rajiv has worked in corporate America for over 23 years and separated from IBM as a Project Executive. Provided guidance to Fortune 500 companies like Nestle, Coca-cola, SaraLee, Nordstrom. Shell Oil, Compaq Computers and how bringing same expertise to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Rajiv is also volunteering as a mentor for SCORE (Small Business Administrator partner) and helping several individuals and small business owners. Rajiv had done extensive travel while working at corporate America and sacrificed his family time, missed doctors appointment and kids games and concerts. This is where he chooses to separate from corporate America and turn his passion for helping individual and business to own business and gain freedom. I have experienced wonderful success in corporate America but I have also experienced the pain of being downsized. I understand what that does to you and to your family. Rajiv has MBA from Terry School of Business and working with several, not for profit organization and helping education and cultural awareness causes. Rajiv is resourceful, wealth of knowledge and passion to help others.= Rajiv enjoys helping others gain valuable information so they can make an informed educated decision. GET ME FRANCHISE provides expertise and tools to effectively evaluate a franchise preventing costly mistakes. This includes verifying the ROI and profit margins before purchasing a franchise.

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Customer Says

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Rajiv and found him extremely helpful, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He’s a wonderful person and I recommend her with complete confidence
Franchise Owner
You made it so simple. My new Franchise buying process was efficient and easier. Rajiv provided required education and kept us informed of every step in the process
– Kerri
New Franchise Owner
Rajiv did a thorough needs assessment and was able to communicate very well both us about throughout the Franchise selection process.
He was extremely organized; he presented and executed an excellent proposal for over six Franchise concepts.
-Ron and Sally
I had met Rajiv through my Franchise search on the internet. This was the best thing happen to me. He helped me educate with the process and help match with Franchise aligned with my life-style, interest and financial goal.
Crestcom Franchiseee

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