Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Frozen Yogurt Franchise

As consumer demand for healthier food grows, frozen yogurt franchises, liked among children and adults alike. When you own a frozen yogurt franchise, your store will be a destination for families, couples, individuals, and groups. Everyone enjoys a trip to the frozen yogurt place! People will think of your shop when they want to have a party, a date, or an anytime treat.

As the owner of a frozen yogurt franchise, you’ll enjoy the benefits of selling a popular product in a fun-filled and family-friendly atmosphere. Frozen yogurt shops are popular places for little league teams, clubs, groups of friends, and families to gather. When your shop is the go-to place for meetups and celebrations, you’ll make plenty of sales.

Frozen yogurt shops are increasing in popularity. Because of its healthier option along with its affordability and the variety of options, frozen yogurt is a treat that many people seek out. Customers enjoy the opportunity to create their own desserts by mixing flavors and adding toppings. As more and more people take part in the frozen yogurt trend, the industry’s customer base continues to grow.

Benefits of owning a frozen yogurt franchise include:

  • Increased revenue from add-ons: Customers who come to your shop to buy frozen yogurt will also want toppings and beverages, which means even more sales.
  • Reduced staff: Because of the self-serve nature of frozen yogurt franchises, you’ll need fewer people to run the business, reducing your overhead costs.
  • High demand: Frozen yogurt is a treat that’s incredibly popular. Customers know that the frozen yogurt shop is a great place to take friends and family.
  • Customer loyalty: Satisfied customers tend to return, and they often bring friends.

The companies holding the largest market share in the Frozen Yogurt Stores industry include Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, Yogurtland, Red Mango FC LLC, TCBY, Sweet Frog, Pinkberry and Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt.

Here is a SWOT analysis from the IBIS Industry report of 2018.

The industry is exposed to the following threats and opportunities:

Frozen yogurt stores face competition from other desserts, particularly ice cream. Additionally, when budgets are tight, consumers may choose to buy lower-priced frozen yogurt from a grocery store rather than a specialized shop. External competition is expected to increase for the Frozen Yogurt Stores industry in 2018, presenting a potential threat for the industry.
The Consumer Confidence Index measures buyers’ current financial situation and their expectations of future finances. As confidence grows, consumers’ likelihood to spend on more discretionary items, such as frozen yogurt, increases. Consumer confidence is expected to increase in 2018, presenting a potential opportunity for the industry.

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